Christophe Mignon

Pur Meunier Brut Nature (NV)brutnature_mignon_berjamor_bgmignon
Grape variety:
100% Pinot Meunier
Soil: Clay and limestone
Alcohol: 12,35%
Residual sugar: 2,15g/l (natural)
Tasting notes: Very expressive and full-bodied champagne. The flavours are on toasted almonds, dried pear and orange, and the mouth smooth. Rustic, well-balanced and long.
Price: 6.890 kr (150cl 13.390 kr)

Rosé Brut (NV)
Grape variety: 100% Pinot Meunier
Soil: Clay and limestone
Price: 7.390 kr

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Christophe Mignon, Festigny (Vallée de la Marne)Christophe Mignon

Don’t let the suit or the label saying ”Champagne” fool you. Christophe Mignon belongs to the type of wine producers who are rather winegrowers than winemakers. Producers who believe that the wine is primarily made in the vineyard, not in the wine cellar,

This is very unusual for a modern winemaker, and even more exceptional when it comes to a wine producer in Champagne. The wine of the area is notoriously known to be made by a few huge companies, who buy the grapes from which they make the fabled bubbly Champagne. The vineyards are situated in Vallée de la Marne, where the blue Pinot Meunier grape variety is dominating. Christophe too has almost only Pinot Meunier planted, from which he makes single grape variety Champagnes like the Brut Nature. Most of his soils have a 20-40cm layer of clay and silt, situated on a harder base of limestone. The clay and silt gives the fruitiness,the limestone the minerality, length and freshness.

As a young man Christophe Mignon was very much into martial arts, and his experiences from the training made him more conscious about balances and energies. When his father Laurence handed over the domaine to him, Christophe wanted to optimize the quality in the finished product. The way to do this was for Christophe to find a better balance in the vineyard, to have more healthy and vital grapes. Christophe is on a lifelong mission to optimize the work in the vineyard, and from beginning with organic methods in the 90’s; he is now getting experience from biodynamic methods, homeopathy, phytotheraphy etc. The result is very vital soil with hundred of rain worms per hectare.

It took a while to convince his father to let him change things. Meanwhile he has convinced the rest of the world through his champagnes.